Back & Neck Pain

  Back Pain 

One of the most common problems that people will suffer from as a musculoskeletal disorder is back pain. It is the most common problem for sick days at work. Here at the clinic you will get a full examination of your spine to assess the problem and help to identify what is maintaining it. Treatment will relieve you of the problem, not only in the area of pain but a full spinal treatment will be given to ensure every possibility of your pain returning is minimised. Exercises will help to strengthen it and then a maintenance programme will be advised if needed.

Such disorders we treat are:

Sciatica and trapped nerves
Disc problems
Repetitive stress
Joint problems
Weak backs
Muscle spasms
Sports massage
Sacroiliac problems
Rib dysfunction

Neck Pain

Here at the clinic neck and shoulder pain is a common repetitive stress problem for a lot of people and can severely limit your quality of life.

Neck pain can cause headaches and pain in the arms which is confusing to people as to where the pain originates from. Migraines and headaches are a common symptom of neck pain as is pain radiating down the arms. Due to computer work also eye strain can contribute to neck pain.

What we treat:

Neck arthritis
Neck disc problems
Muscle spasm
Trapped nerves
Jaw pain
Ear pain
Thoracic outlet dysfunction
Tension headaches
Headache arising from the neck
Eye strain arising from musculoskeletal causes
Migraine prevention
Member of migraine in action