Hips & Knees

Hip Pain

Here at the clinic the most common hip problem is referral pain from the back followed by arthritis. At the clinic if you come in with hip or back pain we assess both and inc both in the treatment and rehab. In pregnancy pelvis pain is common from the baby lying in an odd position or the size of the baby. Adjustment of the pelvis in pregnancy can be problematic too so we can help in relieving  that.

We treat:

Trapped nerves
Hip arthritis
Ligament strains
Muscle sprains of the quads, hamstrings and gluteals Pelvic pdf imbalance problems Pregnancy problems

Knee Pain

Here at the clinic commonly twisted knees are seen all the time.  A full assessment is carried out as cartilage and crucial e ligament problems occur regularly. Muscle and ligament strains are easily treated but arthritis of the knee is more difficult to manage. Again a full rehab plan is given with treatment.

We treat:

Ligament strains
Muscle sprains of the quads and hamstrings Cruciate problems Quadriceps sprains Hamstring sprains Cartilage/meniscal problems