Pregnancy & Cranial Pain

Pregnancy Pain

Osteopaths perfectly understand the changing biomechanics of the body as your pregnancy progresses and as the baby grows inside you. We are here to help your body to cope under the increasing strain. We will help your muscles to adapt from a supportive position to a position of being ready to deliver your precious bundle.

Common conditions are
Pubic symphysis dysfunction
Back ach
Hip problems
Swollen ankles
Swollen wrists

Cranial Pain

Cranial osteopathy is one of the most gentlest and subtlest forms of treatment within manual therapy and is very soothing for various conditions.

the history of cranial osteopathy is common with treatment for babies but can be very effective for adults to ....such as

Menieres disease
Balance disorders
Headache arising from the neck

The cranium has joins called sutures and if they are not balanced and moving pressure builds up causing pain and balance disorders

This is also used to treat babies as birth can be a very traumatic process and can cause babies all kinds of problems such as headaches and trapped nerves which lead onto digestive problems and sleep disorders Ventouse and forceps delivery can commonly cause what is known as cone shaped skulls and this can be uncomfortable for a baby. Here at the clinic treatment aims to reduce the pressure helping baby to a more comfortable time.