Shoulders, Elbows & Wrists

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems are a common complaint in the clinic. They range from simple pulled muscles to ligament and tendon injuries from repetitive stress to traumatic tears. We treat them all. A full assessment of your range of movement is assessed to give us an idea of the origin of your pain. A full treatment and rehab plan is then devised.

We treat:
Ligament strains
Muscle sprains
Tendon injuries and tendonitis
Joint problems such as arthritis
Trapped nerves
Rotator cuff strains
Impingement syndrome
Weak shoulders

Elbow & Wrist Pain

Elbow problems are more common than you think and can occur due to an elbow problem or be a referral pain from the shoulder.

The most common injuries are folders and tennis elbow and the second is prob a trapped nerve referral pain.. It is fairly uncommon to suffer arthritis in the elbow but not impossible. One of the bones in your forearm is known as the radius and the head of this bone can cause elbow problems.

We treat:

Tennis elbow
Golfer s elbow
Trapped nerves
Radial head problems

Wrist and associated muscles

The wrist is a very common repetitive stress problem and is also commonly fractured in fall which then leads to early onset arthritis. Mobilisation of the wrist can be extremely pain relieving

We treat:

Wrist dislocations
Repetitive stress
Post fracture rehab and strengthening
Carpal tunnel syndrome